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Stevie j & Benzino

The drama of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” is spilling into real life. Rapper Benzino started drama when he released the Joseline Hernandez diss track “Smashed Da Homie.” Stevie J, Zino’s best friend and Joseline’s boo/manager, fired shots back at Benzino over Twitter. The exchange led Benzino to say he was quitting “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.”

If you don’t remember, tensions began to rise between Benzino and Stevie J. when Benzino’s ex-reality girlfriend Karlie Redd told Joseline she watched Joseline’s sextape with Benzino. Redd went on to say that Zino also admitted to making love faces with the Puerto Rican Princess. Once Joseline relayed the information to Stevie J., things got heated in a filmed scene for the show. The hilariously awkward video came next and here we are with the Twitter beef.

Zino called Stevie a coke head and Stevie responded by threatening to call Kim Osorio. Osorio was…

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