mcgillsWife of Republican Alabama State Senator, Shadrack McGill, 38, fired off a warning missive on Facebook on Monday, ordering the women to stay away from her husband or face public shame. Heather McGill logged on to her husband’s Facebook page Monday night to write a post targeted at the women she claims are soliciting her husband, a Republican who has served in the Senate since 2010, for sex.

Here is her Facebook post in its entirety:

Attention Facebook: This is Heather McGill (senator McGills wife) for anyone that does not know that. This may go viral and if so my prayer is that it strengthens marriages and families across this district, our state, and our country! I am very blessed to be the wife of a God fearing, hard working, ministry minded, loving father and husband and it is not just my right but my duty to lovingly serve him…

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